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Buying A Car After A Bankruptcy

Although it can be challenging, you can purchase a car after a chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy
Bankruptcy has become a popular decision when Americans are having financial problems due to Loss of employment 
or medical reasons. By turning to Bankruptcy, it helps it alleviates some of the stress by having time to pay off 
or remove debt. But it also comes with consequences such as getting a loan to buy a car.
Although the rates on you purchasing a car will be higher, there is a upside to this. It is a great way to build your
credit back up if you make the payments on time.

Options for Purchasing a car after a Bankruptcy

There are plenty of options for purchasing a car. You can go to a franchise dealership as most of them have a special
finance department that can sometime help you get into a new or pre-owned vehicle. Then there is a Used car Store with
has better options if you are looking for a less expensive vehicle. Last you have a buy here pay here which does in-house
financing. All the options will come with a higher interest rate but if you buy an affordable vehicle that will help your
transportation needs it still can be beneficial. Build your credit back up before you look at an expensive option.
So, Remember:
Work on improving your credit-if you need help can help 
Do your research before you buy
Do not overextend yourself -make sure you can afford your payments
Make your payments on time

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